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About us

RDA OF NORTHERN PRIMORSKA Ltd. Nova Gorica was established in 1999 by the municipalities: City Municipality of Nova Gorica, Municipality of Šempeter-Vrtojba, Municipality of Brda, Municipality of Miren-Kostanjevica, Municipality of Kanal ob Soči, Municipality of Renče-Vogrsko, Nova Gorica Craft and Entrepreneurship Chamber, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. As a regional development agency, we strive to connect local, regional, national, and international potentials to improve the economic, social, spatial, and environmental development of our region.

The agency's activities are divided into two pillars: general development tasks, including projects such as LAG V objemu sonca, network development agency, and support for the strategic development of municipalities and sub-regions, and the implementation of individual projects in cooperation with individual or groups of municipalities.

In line with the needs, regional tasks are expanding, so cooperation between the agency and the founders is crucial. Within this framework, strategic sub-regional development is also being developed, increasing inclusion in national development plans, infrastructure, and investments in the economy, agriculture, culture, and other sectors.

In the period 2014–2020, RDA has participated in numerous national, cross-border, and international projects contributing to the development of natural and cultural heritage, tourism, mobility, entrepreneurship, education, and social entrepreneurship. The value of project collaboration amounted is over EUR 38,000,000.00, with the narrower Gorizia region receiving as much as 21% of the funds obtained.

In the previous programming period, the agency was actively involved in development projects across Europe and secured over EUR 8,000,000.00 in funding, which contributed to the faster realization of project ideas.

REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF NORTHERN PRIMORSKA Ltd. Nova Gorica, in the period 2014–2020, as the lead partner of LAG, obtained an additional EUR 2,120,000.00 in EU funds for the implementation of local development led by the community - CLLD program.

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