About the project
Project Regional Alliances for Youth was created as a response to needs showed in regional setting of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Satakunta (Finland) Region, where Šolski center Nova Gorica and Sataedu are placed. Globalization, technological advancement, digitalization and complex interactions are leading to needs for diversity in education and apprenticeships. The mismatches between needs on labour market and skills of entry-level job seekers are growing. Young labour is facing lack of practical work experience. Companies have started acting as strategic investors in human capital and want to take a direct role in creating skilled workforce and talents they need. The key to combating high unemployment among young people and skills mismatch is forging stronger connections among employers, education providers, and youth themselves to build skills that lead to entry-level jobs in growths sectors. The project aims to offer appropriate and interesting workplace to youth so they stay in region and become an active part of local society.

The project RAY aims to create reliable and sustainable partnership between partners in area of vocational education and training in automotive and automation sectors for planning and developing human sources. It supports the vision of partners to develop qualified labour for companies in Nova Gorica and Satakunta regions and lower youth unemployment. Goal is to make youth grow to their full potencials and connecting with professionals and coaches. The purpose is to integrate regular activities for exchange of professional knowledge and skills between teachers and professionals of vocational education and training.

Main project's results represent innovative WBL/APP model and VET teacher-in-company trainer partnership model, with clear definition of partners' and targets' roles, responsibilities and activities, which will be integrated into educational and working processes at school and companies. Other project results include reports on existing VET-business partnerships and future trends of work, identification of needs and demands in automotive and automation sector in Nova Gorica and Satakunta regions, creating pilot models, guides for targets for implementing new models, on-line learning materials and interactive platform with social media channels.

Leading project partner of the project is Šolski center Nova Gorica with 6 partners: Mahle Letrika d.o.o. (Slovenia), RRA Severne Primorske d.o.o., Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Center RS za poklicno izobraževanje (Slovenia) Satakunnan kouluskuntayhtyma, Sataedu (Finland), Prizztech L.t.d. (Finland) in Moeve aps (Denmark). Key target groups of the project are VET students and teachers, WBL organisers, career counsellors, leadership from Sataedu and Šolski center Nova Gorica, leadership of trainers, HR staff, developers and innovators, leadership from Mahle and Prizztech.

The project is financed by European union (80% finances), 20% of finances is from project's own contribution.