About the project
Innovation cartellini FOST INNO

aims to contribute to the longterm growth of tourism in the Adriatic Ionian region through innovations capacity building. Common challenges of the programme area (prolonging tourism season, improving quality in tourism and fostering better tourism employment conditions) are going to be tackled in accordance with sustainability principles to reinforce region’s competitive position.

The overall objective of the project is to improve and ensure long term competitiveness of the Adriatic-Ionian area by enhancing innovation capacity in sustainable tourism. Hence, the main project intervention objective is to change current practice of insufficient incentives for innovations in sustainable tourism through main project outputs and deliverables: developed strategy for fostering innovations in sustainable tourism in Adriatic-Ionian area, established networking structure and increased knowledge transfer between business, users, academia and institutional stakeholders through Adriatic-Ionian Tourism Innovation Centre. Joint strategic framework for innovation in sustainable tourism is going to improve Adriatic-Ionian cooperation in tourism; giving common directions for policy makers’ actions and providing incentives for innovations. Networking structure embodied in future Adriatic-Ionian Tourism Innovation Centre is a multipurpose tool, foreseen as a learning and dissemination platform. Innovation incubation will be main purpose of Centre’s activities, designated to facilitate market access for innovative ideas.

Project design supports enhancement of innovation capacity in sustainable tourism through developed strategic framework, established networking structure and increased knowledge transfer between business, users, academia and institutional stakeholders. Main project results would provide strong contribution to the programme result indicator defined as capacity increment of innovation actors for effective involvement in development of a regional innovation system. Strategic framework is foundation for capacity increasing through creation of shared understanding about importance of innovations in sustainable tourism; establishment of an agreed process for regional innovation development activities; facilitation of cooperation between institutional actors and other involved stakeholders, and promotion of innovations as a tool for enhancement of regional economic outcomes in sustainable manner. Established networking structure will effectively increase innovation capacity by connecting innovators with governmental bodies and higher education institution. Platform is envisioned not only as information hub but also as regional research institution for verifying the relationship between innovations and sustainable tourism development.

Lead partner of the project is University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management. 
8 project partners come are 2 from Italy, 2 from Slovenia, 1 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1 from Albania, 1 from Montenegro. Associated partner is University Mediterranean (Montenegro).

Target groups of the project are SMEs, universities and research centers, institucions in tourism, regional and locak structures.

Project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF 85%), 15% of finances is from partner's own contribution.